Mike has mediated many cases, about half reaching settlement. He has rendered many awards and acted as a sole, emergency, chair and wing arbitrator in IP, contract matters and joint venture matters involving claims for hundreds of millions of dollars, among other areas such as employment and commercial transactions for the AAA, CPR (administered and non-administered), LCIA, ICDR and other providers.  

As a former Deputy General Counsel of a publicly listed global holding company for broker-dealers and real estate brokerage and management companies, Mike has extensive geographic and subject matter experience. Litigation, employment and patent lawyers reported to Mike. He regularly worked with lawyers in other areas, especially when there were disputes, including for example, trade fails and commissions, contract, tax and IP, or regulatory implications. Mike supervised or conducted most whistleblowing and internal investigation matters globally, a field he entered while outside counsel to other companies. Mike spent about one-third of his time in London and handled matters in and travelled to Europe, Asia and South America.

As a general purpose commercial litigator for 40 years, Mike handled a wide variety of areas of law.
In addition to his earlier representation as an outside lawyer for Cantor/BGC, he acted for three other financial broker dealers. He represented the two largest banks in New Jersey (and a major out of state lender) in a variety of matters including loan work out, creditors rights in bankruptcy and banking law issues.

All kinds of intellectual property matters have been handled by Mike. He was involved in three pharma patent cases as trial counsel, including two Hatch Waxman cases to judgment. He was also involved in some non-pharma patent cases including in financial services. He handled several copyright cases for a music licensing agency as well as copyright cases for other parties. Mike has also been involved in several trademark matters. For nearly a decade he spoke annually at a CLE program on Intellectual Property Licensing.

Employment matter litigation in several international jurisdictions, arbitration and mediation in front of FINRA and AAA in over a dozen including employment contract disputes, discrimination claims and recruitment (including group moves) fall within his experience.

Antitrust and EU competition matters, including HSR and litigation, have been handled by Mike, as have franchise matters.  Both contractual deals and unsolicited M&A matters have dealt with by Mike.

Mike has represented disputants in closely held business disputes, as well as many other general contract disputes.  Mike has litigated two constitutional matters. Mike represented two nations and sued sovereign defendants.


Fordham Vis Pre-moot
Fordham Vis Pre-moot